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  • Episode 01 Season 01 Show charlys-cake-angels

    Episode: 01

    Welcome to Charly's Bakery in Cape Town - it is without question, South Africa's most "mucking afazing" bakery. Meet the team behind the endlessly decadent, delightful cakes. The Charly's Cake Angels are exhilarated, they've got their own reality show happening at the bakery, and their task for the episode is to come up with a dazzling opening sequence for their show. Join Jacqui, Alex, Dani, Francis and Roche as they rise to the challenge of designing - and baking - the opening sequence, so that they can get their cake show on the cutting board!

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  • Episode 02 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 02

    It's the largest order the Charly's Cake Angels have been tasked with: a gargantuan five tiered cake, weighing over 150 kilograms. It's also the busiest time of the year for them, and Alex has been put in charge of the monstrous order.  Dani and Roche are running the shop, and Francis - as usual - is overwhelmed with shape cake and wedding orders. With stress-levels in the bakery at an all time high, will Alex be able to get the gigantic cake to the party on time?  And how exactly is she planning to transport this monstrously heavy five-tiered cake?

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  • Episode 03 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 03

    A "frog-osaurus" dinosaur, a Cinderella carriage, a topsy-turvy wedding cake, a snake, and a skull - yet another crazy, chaotic week for the Charly's Cake Angels!  Everyone loves a shaped cake, and Francis from Charly's Bakery has been carving and crafting shaped cakes for years.  Join Alex as she learns the art of carving and covering cakes from Francis.  As always, a smattering of drama: a bride trashes the wrong cake and Zelda arrives early to collect her skull cake... Will the cake angels be able to repair the collapsed cake - and ice the maggots and gore onto Zelda's skull cake in time?

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  • Episode 04 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 04

    The Charly’s Cake Angels find themselves under the media spotlight as a popular local magazine programme brings Vanessa Haywood, star of District 9, into the bakery for their Valentine’s Day episode.  Vanessa and Dani ice love letters onto generous heart-shaped cookies.  Meanwhile, Africa’s premier children’s hospital, the Red Cross Children’s Hospital is celebrating Valentines day, and have asked the Charly’s Angels for a donation cake for their cardio ward – Alex decides to make a human heart cake as a twist on the cardiac heart theme!

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  • Episode 05 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 05

    It’s arguably Africa’s most beautiful city, and it’s home to Charly’s Bakery – welcome to Cape Town, the bohemian city the Charly’s Cake Angels are smitten with. The Charly’s team is overjoyed, they’ve been honoured by the city, and have been invited to create a cake to celebrate Cape Town for South Africa’s top creative event, The Design Indaba.  Join the angels as they trawl the city for visual references and recreate their soul city in icing and art!  It’s a mammoth undertaking, and they have to close part of the bakery to accommodate this task.  To make matters worse, the city is sizzling - a terrible heat wave grips the bakery. Heat, stress and late nights are some of the ingredients which make it into the Cake Town cake.

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  • Episode 06 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 06

    It’s wedding season at the bakery, and the Charly’s Cake Angels, as usual, vow to wow with their wonderful wedding cakes.  Jacqui has a soft spot for wedding couples and their cakes, with each carefully crafted cake being a labour of love.  From cigars to a crowning gazebo, the Charly’s wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but getting these awesome edible creations to the weddings is a nail-biting challenge: as usual, drama abounds as Dani and Roche take a wrong turn to a country wedding and find themselves on a rough road with a super-fragile cake!

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  • Episode 07 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 07

    When the Charly’s Cake Angels discover that a baby rhino has been born at Aquila Safari Lodge, they decide to make a safari cake to celebrate its birth.  Given the conservation crisis in South Africa around rhino poaching, the birth of a baby rhino is a cause for much celebration.  The Angels head out on safari, where after viewing the Big 5, their adventurous safari cake begins to take shape!

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  • Episode 08 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 08

    Being surrounded by cakes all day everyday has its drawbacks: the last thing you want on your birthday is… a cake.  Simply because the Charly’s Cake Angels can’t bear the thought of celebrating birthdays with cakes, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to share their birthday love.  Each year they each bake a birthday cake for their favourite charities, in this episode, we follow Jacqui, Dani, Roche and Alex as they each choose a charity close to their hearts and deliver cakes, crammed with love, to their chosen ones.

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  • Episode 09 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 09

    Much of the key film crew which have been filming at Charly’s Bakery for the last few months are being yanked away to icy climes – they’re off to film adventurers Riaan Manser and Dan Skinskad circumnavigating Iceland in a kayak.  What makes this adventure even more poignant is that Dan suffers from a mild form of cerebral palsy and is taking on this challenge as a way of communicating to the world that cerebral palsy sufferers can reach for their dreams.  The Charly’s Cake Angels, touched by Dan’s story and distressed at losing their beloved crew members, decide to create an ambitious volcanic Iceland cake to send Riaan, Dan and their much-loved crew off on their perilous voyage.  As the Iceland cake explodes to life, tempers flare at the bakery. Will Roche and Dani be able to bring Alex and Jacqui’s vision to life?  Will the angels be able to get their backdrop of the Northern Lights to sparkle – and, will their plan of making a dry ice erupting volcano actually work?

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  • Episode 10 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 10

    It’s been a busy year for the bakery and Angels decide to honour their hard-working staff with a team-building day out.  In the week before the fun-day, it’s the usual Charly’s chaos at the bakery, with weddings, birthdays and decadent wicked chocolate drama. The plan for the fun-day is top secret, and to keep the staff guessing, Jacqui, Alex, Dani, Francis and Roche tempt everyone with hints of what to expect. At long last, the big day arrives – the staff are split into three treasure-hunting teams.  It’s the Amazing-cookie-monster-race, which culminates with drums beating at a sunset beach scene.

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  • Episode 11 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 11

    When the fashion editor of Cosmopolitan South Africa invites Charly’s to create a cake to celebrate the launch of a dynamic denim fashion week, the Cake Angels rise to the challenge – there’s no zipping up the inspiration at Charly’s when the Angels let their icing bags loose onto the fashion world.  Can food and fashion be friends – only if the Charly’s Cake Angels can ensure that all their calories get sent to other bakeries!

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  • Episode 12 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 12

     Yet another crazy week in the life of Charly’s Bakery, as Jacqui, Alex, Dani, Roche, Francis and Jenny delight customers with their decadent, enchanting cakes.  From disco balls to spiders, pyramids to off-the-wall wedding cakes, it’s chaos - as usual - at the bakery!

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  • Episode 13 Season 01 Show charlys

    Episode: 13

    It’s holiday time, and the Angels are off to Zanzibar – Africa’s exotic spice isle.  They’re taking a cake – and the viewers – with them on their holiday.  Exhaustion sets in as, after a long year, the Angels clean and close up the bakery and put the finishing touches on their impressive Zanzibar cake.  Travelling by air with a big cake poses challenges for the exhausted Angels, as does the realisation that their holiday isn’t quite cake free.  Will all be well when the Angels finally find their feet on the shores of the spice island?

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